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Larien Products is a product design and marketing company based in Northampton, MA. The company is best known for its' guillotine style bagel slicer design, a unique way to safely slice bagels.


The Bagel Biter, The Original Bagel Guillotine® was invented by company president Rick Ricard in 1994. This two piece "guillotine" system for slicing fresh bagels was awarded a U.S. patent.


LARIEN LICENSING takes new product designs from the concept stage, through development and, ultimately, to licensing. Our incredible success with the Bagel Biter line of products for the past 17 years has given us a profound understanding of the real-life challenges involved in "getting a product on the shelf". Because we chose to manufacture and market our products ourselves, we are now experienced with all of the processes, both positive and negative, involved in this complex undertaking, including: Inventing; Patenting; Industrial Design; Prototyping; Market analysis; Manufacturing; Engineering; Sourcing; Quality; Production flow; Marketing in multiple distribution channels; Sales; Inventory management; Safety regulations; etc. In addition we have existing relationships with experts in all of these fields as well.

During this highly energized experience, we continued to create new and interesting products that, for many different reasons, were never fully developed. Our existing product designs are varied and are not limited specifically to the housewares market. We have now decided to make these products available for licensing to other manufacturing companies as we have with the Bagel Biter.

If we have contacted you directly with an appropriate product for you to consider, it is our hope that our experience will give you a comfort level with our both our abilities and our understanding of your challenges.

If you would like to contact us with your requirements for a specific new product or to view our relevant portfolio please contact Rick Ricard at 413-586-4000.


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